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“Resistance” bust Homage to Jean Moulin

“Resistance” bust Homage to Jean Moulin


                                                       Sculpture by Chartrain artist Cyril Robinson

                                         In homage to Jean Moulin, symbol of French heroism.


                                                       This work called “Resistance” is dedicated,

                                            to all the resistance fighters of yesterday and today.


                   "I didn't know it was so easy to do your duty when you are in danger"

                                                                                                                        Jean Moulin


          Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide.

          Numbered supplied in a handcrafted box and certificate of authenticity from the artist.

           Dimensions:  height 27.5 cm, width 29.5 cm, weight: 2 kg

          Polyester plaster print, burnished bronze finish, patina with pure pigments

           and natural beeswax from Dordogne.                              



    Il est conseillé de nettoyer l'œuvre un chiffon microfibre.

    Attention ne pas pulvériser de produits d'entretien.

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